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Welcome friends! In 2007 we started this blog to share the status of our adoption process. After an excrutiatingly long wait, we travelled to Haiti in June 2009 and brought our girl home on July 15. Now this blog is a place for us to share pictures and videos, give updates and brag about how wonderful she is. Enjoy!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Maya Updates

Sorry it's been so long since our last post! In the world of Facebook and Flipvideos, I've been finding myself updating people on our girl using those, which are so fast and easy. But today I found myself with a rare few moments and thought I'd actually write something about the nugget who lives with us.

Maya continues to grow at an alarming rate, no longer holding on to the belly or chubbiness of her 'youth', she seems to get taller by the day and is often mistaken for a five-year-old.

Her English vocabulary is phenomenal, blowing us away with sentences such as, "The sleeves of my long-sleeved shirt are inside out right now." "Would you like some help?" "Absolutely I would!"

We're taking West African dance classes, which I thought she would love, as dancing is her favorite pasttime, but she hasn't quite gotten into it yet. I, on the other hand, am loving it, which is as much a shock for me as I'm sure it is for you! (if you're a reader who has met me, you know that coordination is NOT my strong suit)

She's also tried out roller skating and bowling recently, both which she loved and wants to do more of asap.

Musically she blows us away daily as she can match pitch with the piano, makes up her own songs and can play tunes like "Twinkle" on the piano.

Really, there's not much she's not good at....except sleeping.

Since day one sleeping has been an issue. Something she despises more than anything. We've tried every arrangement of every bed in every room, tried bedtime yoga, peppermint tea, infant massage, low lighting, avoiding sugar, a wave sound machine, and have even consulted a sleep expert. I've determined we're dealing with the perfect storm: she has huge adnoids which cause her to wake up frequently, she's afraid of the dark, and she's deathly afraid of us leaving her. Not a good combination for a restful night. Her adnoids will be removed, along with a cyst on her neck on April 9 and we hear from everyone that this should make a huge difference for the good. We hope and pray that they're right!

Overall she is a joy and still, after nine months together, we pinch ourselves that she is actually HERE with us! We are so grateful for the fun that she brings to our lives.

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Marialyn said...

After the adventure (nightmare?) of getting the family united, I LOVE reading about how wonderfully things are going. It helps me go to sleep with a smile on my face!